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Something BIG is Coming for land surveyors

New Horizons For Members of Land Surveyors United Network! It may come as no surprise to you that we have officially outgrown the current Land Surveyors United platform. Quickly approaching 6,000 community members in nearly every location on Earth, it is time to migrate our community to a more sustainable platform and content management system. This is why I have been building an entirely new platform for the past 4 months. I would like to take a moment of your time to prepare for “Land Surveyors United - Re-rooted”. Notwithstanding the hundreds of hours I have personally invested in development of a seamless migration, it is now our task as a community to prepare the network and framework for approximately 1,400,000 pages, photos, videos, discussions, stories, members, groups and comments, seamlessly. For more information about what is changing, check out the discussions in the Beta Testers group. Great things are coming....

What You Can Do to Prepare for Migration

What You Can Do To Prepare for Migration

Revisit your posts and content on the network and make sure that each item has a proper title, subject tags (including location of post) with at least two sentences of text to copy inside the post so that it will be helpful to surveyors in the future and can be categorized easily. When existing content is migrated over it will be categorized like a living library, which means subject tags and titles are especially important. Inside the new network, your content will also be associated with a small map which identifies the region your subject is referencing. Whether it be photos, stories, discussions you started or videos shared in order for your content to be ported to the appropriate categories on the new migrated site. It's truly your time for you to be editors of the network and to control your own content.

Find Your Content at the Following Addresses (While signed in)

Your Discussions:

Your Photos:

Your Videos:

Your Events:

Your Stories:

Notes About Tagging Content:

Subject tags are separated with commas and "two word" tags require quotes. All tags are associated with other content with other content containing the same tag. Each tag has a dedicated RSS feed.

If you are looking for which categories to associate your photos with, check out this page.

If you are not sure what RSS is or how associated content is grouped, check out this page to see photo category feeds:

Some Short Notes About New Platform:

-The most important part of the new platform is easier navigation, faster loading times and more control over the network by you, the user.

-Hubs (formerly groups) act like sections of a library with all content of a certain type grouped inside its associated Hub.

-Each hub (formerly group) will continue to be cataloged by location, type of equipment, type of surveying, and now with additional type: Surveying History.

-Hubs will be mini-communities based on subject, nested inside the larger community. Members only need to follow the Hubs which apply to them.

-You will now have much more control over many aspects of the network

-You will enjoy much faster page loading times.

-There will be one URL for all devices - no more mobile version, desktop version, etc., as the new, more responsive framework will automatically adjust to phones, tablets and desktop computer screens.

-Those who are currently group leaders and moderators will enjoy a full dashboard experience with the ability to add pages, control appearance and language of groups and assign the role of sub-leader inside groups you control. Hubs leaders will now have the ability to add multiple forums, blogs, photos and custom HTML pages. Those with Youtube or Vimeo channels will be able to import their videos to their Hub with a single click.

In the coming weeks, I will keep you posted on more things to come with “Land Surveyors United – Reloaded”.

Your comments and opinions will be extremely important. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback you wish to share. I am willing to invest as much of my time necessary to tailor the network to better serve you, the future of surveyors, everywhere on Earth.

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