Survey Earth in a Day 3D

Where Will You Be Survey Earth in a Day?

Where will You Be on June 21st @Noon?

Survey Earth in a Day 3D is a global surveying event, which is open for any professional land surveyor to participate. Our only requirement is that your measurement is conducted with survey grade GPS equipment at noon on June 21st, from your location. In order to give us a rough idea of where everyone will be participating from, first, double click and find the location where you will be setting up your GPS @noon for Survey Earth in a Day.

In the form that pops up from the map, please tell us the type of location and a short description of what this place is.


@ NOON: Simply take a GPS reading at Noon. This can be at your home, office or jobsite. The goal is to have as many points around the world from as many locations as possible.

All data submitted to Survey Earth in a Day should be in RINEX format. If we all use the same format, it will be easier to post-process the data.

LSU will soon begin Live Q&A sessions with video on the SEIAD Google + Community in preparation of the event.

This will all occur at 12 Noon in all locations across earth.